Maggie & George Summer Wedding

Maggie & George

Andrew and I woke up Saturday morning ready to see Maggie & George and capture their summer wedding! We arrived at Maggie’s house first and were so surprised to walk in and everyone was ready and AHEAD of schedule! This rarely happens on a wedding day haha, the entire day everything and everyone was perfectly on time if not ahead of schedule.

As we were on our way to Maggie’s house we were thinking through the day and about Maggie & George. We had only met with them once a few months ago to discuss their photos and wedding to see if we would be a good fit for them. Normally we highly encourage engagement sessions because it gives us some time to get to know the couple and see what poses work for them and is a chance to get them comfortable in front of the camera. Since Maggie & George had a very short engagement we did not have this opportunity. But they did decide on a first look, which I was very excited about. When we explained the first look to them they loved that idea and it gave us plenty of time for pictures. Andrew and I were anticipating that Maggie & George would be pretty natural and laid back in front of the camera. Not only was that true, but I am also pretty convinced they have done some modeling that they are not telling us about 😉 During their individual portraits and their time together they continued to impress me…to the point where I was ready to have them just pose themselves. They were awesome and so fun to work with! We did their photos at the beautiful Mount Holyoke College. Our favorite spot for pictures was the Talcott Greenhouse at the College, it was gorgeous!!

The joy that Maggie had throughout the day was incredible. She was so excited to see George and be his wife at the end of the day. She kept saying “this is crazy…like crazy awesome!” I loved the opportunity I had throughout the day to chat with Maggie and hear about her love for George and the ways they compliment each other.

They had a beach theme with fish as their center pieces which I thought was so unique. I also loved that Maggie did the “dollar dance” at their reception. I had never seen this before so for those of you who this is also new to I will give you a little history the dance. It has roots in a few different cultures, but the basic idea is that anyone can come up and dance with the bride, but they have to put money into her little bag which is to help the newly weds get their new lives started together. They played a very upbeat song and it was a fun way of interacting with their guests and entertaining to watch!

This was a wedding where we had a lot of laughs and I wished someone was following us around capturing some behind the scenes moments.
Maggie & George it was a pleasure to work with you, thank you for choosing KristaJean Photography to capture your special day!!




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    Your wife and you look beautiful..CONGRADULATIONS!!

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