Hi! I’m Krista!      

A little bit about me:

I married the love of my life and best friend June 13, 2015 and it was hands down the best decision I have made. My Husband, Andrew, is the most supportive and accepting person I have ever met. He jumps on board with every dream and passion I have and does everything he can to make it a reality. Our strengths and weakness balance each other, he is my rock! He loves me unconditionally and keeps our marriage centered on Christ. Our marriage is a testimony of God’s grace and unfailing love towards us.

Photography has always been a HUGE passion of mine…and by always I mean in kindergarten I wrote I wanted to be a photographer when I grow up on my homework assignments and by high school my wallpaper was photos of my friends and family. There was not many places I would go without my little pink digital camera. But Photography was not something I seriously considered until 2011 when I received the best Christmas present ever!!…my first “real” camera and ever since then I have not been able to put it down!

As I started making this passion into a business and getting hired for weddings and portraits I realized how much I loved hearing peoples stories and having the privilege of capturing those priceless moments that they will forever be able to look back on. It is extremely important that my clients have an experience that makes them feel they have gained a new friend by the end of our time together.

Ultimately my heart is for people and hearing their stories, meeting them where they are at, and being a help and encouragement to them.


Meet My Family

This is my handsome husband and my sweet babies, Bentley & Bailey. My husband and I met our first year of college and after the 3rd time he asked me out I agreed to give it a try…guess 3rd time really is the charm! We dated for 5 years, which was mostly long distance. Of course distance was not always easy, but as we look back we are thankful for that season and all that it taught us. We spent our summers working together at camp and enjoyed every minute of it! Those summers consisted of breakfast dates, cliff jumping, game nights, Netflix dates, and lots of volleyball. May 23, 2014 my best friend surprised me with a trail ride and picnic. He asked me to close my eyes and next thing I know there is a floating lantern (you know like the one in Tangled! lol) that says “Will you marry me?” That day my dreams started becoming a reality as I planned for the day I could call my best friend my husband!

And we can’t forget my fur babies! I am sure you will begin to understand my love for my dogs as you look through my personal blog posts. Our pups are not just our dogs they are our children…you think I’m kidding 😉 You know it is sad when your friends are telling you about their experiences with their kids and all you can think about is relating their experiences to your dogs. This is our current reality and we love it!


These are a few of my favorite things:

Sunlight – I am ALL ABOUT THE SUN!
The Beach – I never understood what a vacation was unless their was a beach involved!
The Country – My dream is to one day have a farm right by the beach… or perhaps a farm on my own island…and yes I am a dreamer…always have been, always will be! But seriously have you ever seen that show island hunters? I saw an episode where this family had a farm and they moved all their horses to their private island they bought…seriously!?
Cooking – Believe it or not before I got married I don’t think anyone thought I would be able to cook, but I love it. Finding new recipes and making homemade meals is the best! You will be able to find some of my favorite recipes if you follow my Pinterest and in my personal blog.
Hosting – My husband and I love to have people over! We have always wanted to have an open door policy and love to make people feel welcome.
DIY projects – My creative side comes out in so many random projects. I have refinished furniture, made doggy bandannas, painted canvas’s, etc. It is my therapy!
Family – This is SO important to me! And yes this includes my dogs, nothing like being greeted with a wagging tail every time you walk in the door, always so excited to see you! I always look forward to family vacations, family dinners (every Sunday!), and of course holidays!